22 October 2013

Avoiding license poisoning & my new stupid simple tool

Usually large Python and Django projects come with many dependencies. Requirements files grow constantly and uncontrollably during the development. Some people choose not to pip-freeze the whole virtualenv state, just stick to specifying the immediate dependencies.
Most times it's not a problem, especially in F/OSS project. Commercial software on the other hand...

02 June 2013

Firefox OS App Workshop

Yesterday I took part in a second Firefox OS event organized in Warsaw. It was really worth it, considering all attendees received a free Geeksphone Keon device to develop their apps. 

03 March 2013

Yeoman and my humble HTML5 application template

It's already late, it seems. Tools for assembling HTML5 client-side JavaScript applications are now appearing left and right. They're trying really hard to make application development more organized and less stressful. You can now forget such Sisyphean tasks as gathering library dependencies, setting up development environment from scratch and doing endless code-reload-verify cycles. It's all got automated. I'm particularly fond of one of these tools -- that is Yeoman.

19 November 2012

Backbone.js: harnessing the clutter

Last few months I've been doing a lot of client-side work using Backbone.js as my main building block. It sure helps a developer to remain sane after long hours in this quasi-civilized world of JavaScript and DOM. I've read its annotated source (probably more than ten times to this date), as well as many tips and tutorials. Although we collectively moved light-years ahead of former jQuery-spaghetti madness, I dare to say many things still have some rough edges. This post introduces some of my insights on development wtih Backbone.js.

22 July 2012

My RPi gets a cover

Recently I've been playing some more with my Raspberry Pi. Due to my friend's initiative I've acquired parts for RPi enclosure made of acrylic glass.