19 November 2012

Backbone.js: harnessing the clutter

Last few months I've been doing a lot of client-side work using Backbone.js as my main building block. It sure helps a developer to remain sane after long hours in this quasi-civilized world of JavaScript and DOM. I've read its annotated source (probably more than ten times to this date), as well as many tips and tutorials. Although we collectively moved light-years ahead of former jQuery-spaghetti madness, I dare to say many things still have some rough edges. This post introduces some of my insights on development wtih Backbone.js.

22 July 2012

My RPi gets a cover

Recently I've been playing some more with my Raspberry Pi. Due to my friend's initiative I've acquired parts for RPi enclosure made of acrylic glass. 

21 June 2012

After the break

As you may clearly see, I haven't been active here for the last 4 months. Well, a lot of things has happened. 

I've started working on a new project at my office. It involves loads of interesting stuff like ZeroMQ messaging and Redis for high-performance storage. What is more I've recently finished writing my master's thesis (a subject for a separate post), which I'd try to defend in few days. There were also some personal and mundane things I had to take care of.
So that's what took all my available time.

Let's look to the future.

08 February 2012

How I use Sublime Text 2 (for Django development)

This post follows a talk on ST2 I made a few days ago to my fellow coworkers. This is by no means a beginner introduction to this powerful editor. I just want to point out some things I found helpful getting  used to this marvelous thing.
This post will very likely evolve during my use of ST2.

PS. Unless you are a Vim ninja, brace yourself, you'll use your keyboard a lot.